: A day with Sister :

I was able to get out {sans babies} to Vancouver to visit my Sister {I have three, all of them by love not by blood} - I don't get out to Vancouver to visit Jenn as much as I would like to. We both have husbands and two little kids, that in itself demands a lot of time - let alone driving for 45 minutes {without traffic} to get together. But since it's Jenn's birthday in a week or so, I messaged her and asked if she could make it out for lunch & some girl time to celebrate. She adjusted her schedule and I made sure I had care for my boys and Sister Day was set!

We headed out to West Vancouver to Old Navy to get some St. Patty day shirts for a party her & her hubby were going to later this week, we did some window shopping, talked about babies, our family, vacations, finances, moving, re-decorating...you know all those good things ;)

We ate a yummy lunch at Cactus Club @ Park Royal that was almost 2 hours long! Can you tell we haven't had a chance to catch up sans babies in a L O N G time !?!?

After we shopped some more, we picked up some treats for her kids V&J from cupcakes and enjoyed a coffee @ Delany's ~ It was a fabulous way to finish off our time in West Vancouver.

We then headed home enjoying our drinks from Delany's and browsing her neighbourhood and all the beautiful homes...It's kinda like a little {full size} doll house neighbourhood. Just lovely.

Jenn, so glad that we are sisters {even if just by love} --- We really need to do this more often! I had a blast with you and haven't laughed so hard in a long time! Duh, WINNER!

{ XoXo }


: Day in the Life of Moi :

Wake up...make bed, check emails & face book and read devotion for the day from bed, yup...I do all that before I even get up!
Get dressed & Get the boys dressed {that is a gong show all together :s}
Wash up
Breaky for boys with cartoons
:: Send a quick note to a friend ::
:: Pack snacks for the day ::
:: Grab a coffee & keys ::
Head out the door to drop off @ Preschool
Right, you need help with your shoes!
This particular day I got this message once I got into my car - Seriously made my day! It's tickets to this movie, from my childhood girlfriend {Hey T!}
Did my make-up in the rear view mirror...it's my most favorite mirror to do my make up - no joke.
Finish make-up just in time to arrive at church and drop off @ preschool

Get this months newsletter & cake details for a cake order
Go snooping at homes that I L O V E!
:: Jacob decides he wants to take pictures, so here I am ::

Then I turn it onto my happy little boy
He's happy because he got to see these, his most favorite thing
Arrive home to face email responses, check facebook, blogs, bill payments and scheduling events
Off we go again, back to pick up Coley from school
On our way home we pick up the mail
Today is Cole's turn to help us drive home from the mailbox
Arrive home to check my new swiffer sweeper vac {yeah, my life is really THAT exciting!}
Start prepping dinner - YummO!
Review one of my favorite flyers while prepping dinner
Do a few loads of laundry
Eat lunch and feed boys lunch, promptly encourage boys outside to play. They whine about it
Do a mask - gotta help these bags under my eyes somehow!?

:: Trim & shape the brows ::
:: Empty dishwasher ::
:: Feed tired boys a light dinner - poor things were SO tired this night ::
:: Mr. L arrives home and we pass like ships in the night and I head out to a women's missions night @ church {so if you are counting I have driven back and forth from our church 6 times this day} ::
We enjoy great fellowship and an amazing speaker as well as dessert

So that was my day...fairly mundane but still full of hard work, love and trying to find delight in all of those mundane Mama days. I of course missed a few things but I hope you enjoyed a look into what goes into my day

*Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable - if anything is excellent or praiseworthy - think about such things. Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me - put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you. Phillipians 4:8-9*

Have a great day Lovelies & thanks for bearing with me while I make changes to my site. If you find that you can't logo onto my site or it says my blog doesn't exist, it's not true! I'm just working on my blog and thus sometimes it will be offline!


:: Shower for Sierra ::

:: I had the pleasure of attending a shower that my girlfriend T hosted for our friend Kristy. Kristy has an almost 3 year old, Caleb and when they found out they were having a girl, to say the least Kristy was elated! And we were all so excited for her too, she is a girly girl and has always been one to love the beauty of all things embedded with rhinestones - God knew that Kristy's heart really wanted a girl and He blessed her with her hearts desire ::
:: It was a nice intimate affair and I was surrounded by pregnant girls...all together there were 3 girls that we know are pregnant, I say "know" because we are a fairly fertile group of women and so who knows if there was another preggo there that we just didn't know about ;) ::

:: I offered to do a cake up for Sierra -- this is what I came up with {it's not an original idea of mine but I had wanted to do up one for a long time, so this was the perfect time!}. That day happened to be filled with showings so it was a bit of a gong show getting the cake done but I made it and so did the cake, right on time. I found the "S" in the Michaels dollar bins, it's a wall hook, I just stuck the hook portion in the top of the cake and the small hooks I turned upside down so they would be hidden ::

:: Here is the beautiful Mama about to cut the cake ::

:: So glad I could be part of celebrating Sierra's life with all of you & thanks Trisha for hosting such a great event! ::

{ XoXo }

Align Center

*Here is a link to a the tutorial I found for the ruffle cake - try it, you'll love it! *


:: Ohhh La La Tuesday ::

:: Really, there is nothing "Ohhh La La" about today, I just couldn't figure out a title for today's post ;) ::

:: We are in the midst of hearing about peoples Spring vacations all over the place, and I just pulled this sucker out of the back of my freezer...just waiting to bring me love peace joy in the midst of a dreary Spring day. I'm pleased to say, it did the trick! ::

:: Because, you know how it is with kids...my kids took a full size banana {talking like 8 inches of full size banana} and forgot about it, and I found it mushed under their super cute pottery barn kids bean bags, squished into our sisal carpet. Mmmm, YUM! ::

:: And I have a very camera happy little guy on my hands, he's been talking photos of anything and everything! And this was one of the ones he wanted to take this morning. "Mama, can we take a picture of us?" I was happy to oblige ;) ::

:: Well, I'm off to clean carpets and do a few other things. Things not as fun as blogging, but better make good use of this rainy day because before we know it, there will be sunshine outside and the last thing I'll want to do is work inside! ::

:: Happy Tuesday Lovelies! ::

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