:: Bah! ::

:: Trying to plan a "Once a Month Cooking" day with Lisa B. & Jenn V. tomorrow....I left my most favorite cook book on my desk open to the Classy Chicken recipe ::

:: I'm sure you can see what happend, need I say more??? ::

:: Happy Friday ::


:: Happy LOVE Day ::

:: Our jar in our home is full of love for all the people in our lives :::: We are preparing to head out and deliver the last few Valentine's that we have left in the jar ::
:: This morning I was greeted by Jacob with a card from Cole and him and then a card from Paul along with a sweet 2 page letter (on pink stationary & everything!) ::
:: My two Valentine's enjoyed heart shaped pancakes & bacon for breakfast *yum yum*::
:: We are going out tonight to our church for "Date Night". We're hosting a table of couples - there is a dessert buffet (ahhhh, death by chocolate) and a comedian --- Should be fun! :: :: I hope you have a very blessed Valentine's Day and that wherever you are, that you're aware of how much you are loved! ::


:: In Preparation ::

:: For Valentine's Day Jacob and I made cookies yesterday - okay well I made them, he iced them until he started licking his fingers then he was promoted to official "tester" in his high chair with his very own heart cookie to enjoy :::: I am looking inward this year to see what my heart really contains and how does the contents affect the people I come in contact with? Will I be one remembered for my warmth and the love of Christ? ::

:: I sure hope so! ::

:: Love to you this day before Valentine's day I hope you are preparing to love on whomever you have in you lives, I know I am ::


:: Coupon Clipper ::

:: I am a 'Coupon Clipper' in a way...I do look through flyers and compare prices, because at my current SAHM stage (stay at home Mom) I currently don't have the luxury of just buying willy-nilly ::
:: So you can imagine my delight when we were at the movies the other night and Lisa and I were getting snacks when the girl behind the till handed Lisa a 2 for 1 coupon to another movie on Monday, Wednesday or Thursday before the end of March....and you can also imagine my disappointment when (since I was sharing a snack deal with Lisa and she was paying and I gave her cash for my portion) that I didn't receive a 2 for 1 coupon ::
:: How you say did I come across such coupon featured in this picture? I asked. God told the girl, give her a coupon....she deserves such break. Fabulous, thanks God. I appreciate it SO much! ::

:: Today ::

:: Is rather overcast but I wasn't planning to go out except maybe to the park, so it's the perfect day to be inside :: :: I am tired today, after a very full weekend and going out last night to a "Stampin' up" night @ Kristin's (*see more on this later) I could barely open my eyes this morning. Nothing could get me to the coffee pot quicker, I woke up picked up the baby and headed straight to the coffee pot, with one stop to kiss hubby on the way -- I'm usually a morning person, so this is definitely a change for me! ::

:: Today I have planned to do some work for Paul's company for our taxes, finish up the Valentine's I started yesterday and do some laundry...If I am really focused and have a few hours while the babes sleep I might try and attempt to do a few pages in their baby books ::

:: Today is Papa's Birthday (Paul's Mum's Dad's Birthday) he is 87 and still going strong, however it is a bitter-sweet day as he is spending the day in the hospital with Paul's Nanny as she fell last week and has been in the hospital ever since. We're waiting on the doctor's to release her, however they are still doing tests to determine what damage the fall did. So if you have a moment please pray for Nanny & Papa as it breaks our hearts to see Papa so worried about Nanny ::

:: Happy Birthday Papa - We pray you have your beloved home with you soon! ::
(Nanny & Papa with their 5 Great-Grand Children *Jacob, Cole, Victoria, Rosemary & Sarah)

:: Tonight I'm going out for coffee with Juliet, the teacher I was a S.E.A to when I found out I was pregnant with Jacob ~ Should be great fun as I haven't seen her since I have had Cole ::
:: *Stampin' Up: This company is fabulous, if you're into scrapbooking, cardmaking or crafts in anyway this company is sure to inspire you - I love their products! However, I was a good girl last night and didn't buy anything, but it was SO tempting!!! If any of you are interested in coming to a workshop I was thinking of hosting one, so let me know if you are interested and I will plan one for April (it's usually a rainy month around here anyway so why not stay inside and craft away!) ::
:: Have a wonderful day my friends and please if you stop by leave a quick note so I know you've been here ::


:: Out for a walk ::

:: Yesterday after brunch, the men took Jacob and Emma (& can't forget Lightening) to a local park just up the street from our house. Here are the pictures from the great time they had :: :: What a great time they have together - So Fun! ::

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